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Update 1.3
As you can see if you look around this lump of text. The design of the website has dramatically changed and, I think, for the better. This site is a great way of allowing users to navigate the website with ease.

Not only has the design changed, but the menus and positioning of various items within the menu have moved. Now, instead of it being at the side of the website like before, it is now at the top to allow the users to change and find pages easily. 

Certain features within the website have gained certain permissions. This means that now everything under the "Users" menu, only people who have signed up to the site can see it. For example the photo albums and the blogs. Another thing that has been added is the "Community Articles" feature. This allows users to add articles to the site about anything that they see fit, providing that it is not offensive or explicit. 
Category: Updates | Added by: Stroud458 (2012-07-06)
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