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Apocalypse Newsletter
Apocalypse Newsletter
Latest Survival Tips
As we all know, survival in this zombie infested
world is essential. So here we have some of the latest tips on how to survive the hordes that will be coming at you. Our researcher have been out testing all manner of weapons to see which gives the best result when fighting off the flesh eating maniacs. Here is a list of the top ten weapons to use against the zombies.

Weapon #10 - Wooden/Metal Chair (Tends to break easily)
Weapon #09 - Vacuum  Cleaner (Too heavy to carry around)
Weapon #08 - Golf Club (Bends easily)
Weapon #07 - Computer Tower (Heavy)
Weapon #06 - A Large Vase (Can only be used once)
Weapon #05 - Knife (Effective but only at close range)
Weapon #04 - Crowbar (Sharp edge allows good damage)
Weapon #03 - Snooker/Pool Cue (Good for stabbing, but fragile)
Weapon #02 - Metal Shovel (Thick metal allows for a lot of use)
Weapon #01 - Baseball Bat (Wood allows for heavy damage)

This Weeks Highest Killers
This week there have been three people who have 
killed a fare few zombies this week. Here are the three people who have the highest kill count this week.

Liam "Cowboy" Jacobs  - 57 Kills
Jack Walcott - 124 Kills
Sandra Noyce - 82 Kills

As a prize to these killers we have given them a weeks worth of survival equipment. This equipment includes all the weapons seen above and a weeks worth of food. However Jack Walcott, the highest killer, has been given a car. 

Next weeks Highest Killer prize will be an AK-47 machine gun and  10 boxes of ammo. Next weeks article will also include more survival tips and an interview with Harry "Killer" Lock.     

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