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As you may or may not know, I live in Britain. And it is well established that the British summer is appalling and this year, not surprisingly, is no acception. As I am currently typing this, it is pouring rain outside with thunder to go along with it.

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I'm going to be taking some time out of making Avatars to work on the websites that I admin. Don't fear, I will still be making them when I get time, just not posting them to the site. I will post them when the maintenance is done which should be around Friday-ish.
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There are several reasons why I hate the opperating system Linux. Number one, it is all in a language that only 'computer nerds' would know. Now some of you may be saying 'But you have your own website, your a 'computer nerd'" No, what I am implying is that only people who program computers and know all the computer 'language' know how to understand and use it.
Another reason for my hatred is that everything on Linux is so long winded, so to speak. Like it takes ages of hunting to find the right program and when you do find one that might have a vague hope of working it says something a ... Read more »
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This is why the people who watch soaps annoy me. It's not even the soaps themselves it's the bloody people who watch them. They annoy me because every time that they are one they always refer to the characters in the soaps like they are real people. I know the people in them are real people but the character that they play. For example "Simon's about to kill Steve!" No he's not. Simon's not real! Steve's not real! They're not real! The worlds not going to end when Simon kills bloody Steve. 

Another thing that annoys me about the people who watch soaps is that they have to watch the ... Read more »
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Apocalypse Newsletter
Latest Survival Tips
As we all know, survival in this zombie infested
world is essential. So here we have some of the latest tips on how to survive the hordes that will be coming at you. Our researcher have been out testing all manner of weapons to see which gives the best result when fighting off the flesh eating maniacs. Here is a list of the top ten weapons to use against the zombies.

Weapon #10 - Wooden/Metal Chair (Tends to break easily)
Weapon #09 - Vacuum  Cleaner (Too heavy to carry around)
Weapon #08 - Golf Club (Bends ea ... Read more »
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